Rant of a frustrated woman!

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A JOURNEY THROUGH MORTAL COIL TO A DEMENTED-FREE ME … A WOMAN’S PREROGATIVE Hazard Warning – if you are squeamish or missish, change channels now! Three Two One Today was the big day, the day when a little piece of plastic turned modern day medical miracle changes my life for another five years. No worrying about the ‘female curse’, no demented monthly doomsday-coup of an otherwise sane mind and consequence free sex of a married woman. 1800 seconds of humiliation once every five years. That’s it! That is all it will take to gain this medical passport to a demented free me. The lovely lady doctor enters the ‘treatment room’. She is lovely, just super lovely and understanding. She cracks a joke about being able ‘tell’ by this fitting which woman have had children and which not. Huh? Perhaps it was just a comment. The heavy feeling in my womb intensifies and I feel my muscles tighten. “Try to relax”. Really! Being a woman can suck. No be rational, woman rule. Breathe. Find your Zen place. “You okay Sweetie?” asks the even lovelier nurse escort standing by my side. At least her view is less humiliating. Being a woman can suck. Zen place, Zen place! “Okay, all done here. Remember to feel for the thread before you have sex,” advises the doctor with her back to me as she snaps off her gloves and punches the keys of the computer. “See you in 6 weeks for a check-up.” Somehow I had blanked this part out: Round two of 1800 seconds of humiliation just around the corner. Zen Sucks!

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